The general goals of Plungė Municipal Clock Tower Library:

• Provide excellent, responsive, usefull service for all ages and encourge a lifelong love reading and learning, particularly in our young people.
• Provide library services and resources in multiple formats that meet our users’ needs.
• Educate users about library‘s services and recourses.
• Identify community needs, to provide programs of service.
• Developing opportunities for improving library environments and optimizing existing physical facilities for both users and staff.
• Hire, develop, maintain and retain hihghly skilled staff.
• Increase collabarotion with international partners and local community.
• Increase involment in overall cultural context.
• Explore new technologies.
• Develop participation in EU- supported projects.
• Promote as friendly and attractive palce for tourists.
• Raise awarness of cultural heritage building (Clock Tower)

• Preserve and make available the unique history of Clock Tower (built by Count Nicholas Zubov in 1846) and Duke Mykolas Oginskis estate.

  • Collect, preserve and promote history of Plungė Jewish. 

 Achieve to be recognized as modern and friendly library which is based in culture heritage object.