2016 02 23

Goals of the project (2015-2016)

• Create a virtual educational-cognitive program with control system of content and applications for mobile devices which will represent park of Plungė.
• Prepare 3 routes: Cultural objects, animals and plants. Routes will be interactive tours which will introduce with main and most interesting objects of the park.
• Organize training of virtual educational-cognitive program and also prepare practical sessions about nature and ecology within idea, that the sessions would raise awareness for developing sustainable environment.
Deeper knowledge of the environment, nature, ecology – all over the world particularly relevant topics, but still is lack of more serious attention to them. Lack of innovative approach and adequate and appropriate forms of content; there is no specific informal institution, which can be an education connecting link- all easily accessible, user-friendly and equipped with the latest technology, educational programs, and human resources. However Plungė Municipal Clock Tower Library has reasonable ambition and real opportunities to participate in this process.
This leads to the fact that the library is located in the natural and historical sense exceptional location - one of the Lithuanian cultural heritage belonging M.Oginskis manor buildings - restored nineteenth century clock tower conservatory. The estate and the library are surrounded by almost 60 hectares park, which is significant not only for the city, but for the whole country. The clock tower is located in the greenest and most beautiful area of the city and for that reason, the library offers the most pure visual communication. Therefore from the beginning, it spreads green idea and creates sustainable environment. Continuing the old traditions of the manor, the library has started to develop herbal, flowers and tree garden which are characteristic of the old manor.

For all information and tours press the link http://www.plungesparkas.lt/lt